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The cheapest form of opals are known as doublets and triplets. So what are they? Breaking away from convention, has a wide variety of US$1 No Reserve opal bargains ranging from jewelry, black opal, boulder and coober pedy opal to opal art and various gemstones.

triplet opals


Similar to a doublet, but has three pieces sandwiched together, with a thin piece of precious opal cemented to a backing and a clear quartz cap placed on top to protect and bring out the colour of the opal.

Opal Auctions stocks a range of triplets


Opal doublets, as the name suggest, is a thin layer of precious opal cemented onto a backing, usually a piece of black common opal or ironstone. Produced because the opal is too thin to produce a solid stone, doublets are a cheap and inexpensive way to buy a colourful piece of precious opal without the cost involved of a solid.

Affordable Opals at your Fingertips

Black Opals are known to be the Most Beautiful Gemstones on earth.

A solid Black Opal Stone is  natural and has not in any way been altered.
Some natural solid black Opals have natural inclusions which also can enhance their beauty.
Black Opals can also sit on dark potch or grey Potch.  Sometimes they may also sit on
potch with small sandpits in their back but don't be discourage by it as this can be your
security that this is a genuine natural solid Black Opal.

Black Opals can be judged by their colour, brilliance and the colour play.

Prices vary from the different variety of Opals available.

For example there are light opals from Coober Pedy that are affordale in price but then of
course price are determined by the colour play.

The best thing to do is get as much information from books available on Opals.
Click on on auction sites that specialise in Opals.  They also auction books on

Opal Auction sites are a great means of  acquiring Opals at very affordable prices.
Check out they have their own site.  They do not charge listing fee.
The sellers on this auction site are miners/wholesalers and hobbyists.
Miners/wholesalers list their Opals on the site which does not involve any middleman,
therefore you can be assured of good quality  Opals.

Opals on the auction site are offered by categories.

Categories such as Black Opals from Lightning Ridge New South Wales, Boulder Opals from Quilpie in
Queensland, Coober Pedy Opals from South Australia, Koroit Opals, Yowah Opals

With the Opal Auction sites you can view the photo, size and carat weight is also given.
You can ask sellers questions about the opal on auction and they are only too willing to help you.

Auction sites also offer Technical support if you have problems logging in or you have problem placing your bids.

With the Internet now dominating the whole world, there's no doubt the world is getting smaller with
the emergence of selling merchandise on the internet.

Variety of Opals are now available through the auctions sites and are now more affordable.

Opals are more easily accessed and you can be anywhere around the world and buy your Opals on the Net.

With the site, Opals are given the exposure they deserve considering they're the most
beautiful Gem in the World.

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